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Training Facility

A construction of a skills development institution is already underway in Nakasongola district that will be aimed at training individuals on different technical skills in farming, building, weldding, mechanics, heavy truck operations and so many more. The skills training will be conducted by South Korean proffessors who have exprience in the different skills to be delivered. The facility will provide accomodation to both technical instructors and and students which will help them throught their time of study.

Service Area

The service area is one of our projects that will consititute of a gas station with a well stock supermarket and high standard restuarant for the stop by passengers on the Kampala Gulu highway as they progress to their destinations. There will also be a farm shop to sell our farm products acquired from our farm and other farming related stock like pesticides,seeds, tools to mention but a few which will also give us a platform to showcase our products and provide a market to our products as well. The service area will also provide parking ie night parking and merchanic services to vehicles.

Farm Developing Service

This project involes a an agricultural college that will be set up to educate farmers on the agricultural sector inorder to improve farming activities in our community. The company will provide pieces of land to families to conduct farming and provide market for the produce inorder to help people eradicate poverty. This project will also include distribution of chicken to enable people to engage in poultry farming as a way to improve their standards of living.

Training Facility

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